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Top 10 Powerful Countries in Africa
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Top 10 Powerful Countries in Africa

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Africa is one of our major markets, and as an important continent in the world and a major provider of consumer goods markets and human resources with the greatest potential for the future, do you know anything about the economic and military strength of African countries? The following is a brief analysis of the top 10 important countries in Africa in terms of overall strength.


South Africa: First in international influence

Territory: 1,221,000 square kilometers. Population: 51.77 million people. total GDP: $350 billion; GDP per capita: $6,483


Total strength of the South African National Defense Force: 74,000, including about 53,000 in the army, 6,000 in the navy and 11,000 in the air force. Reserve forces: 386,000, including 312,500 in the army, 17,000 in the navy, 20,500 in the air force, and 36,000 in the medical unit. Paramilitary forces: 138,000 South African Police, equipped with 10 aircraft and 19 helicopters.


Economy: Has a high standard of living and a stable economy in Africa. It is a medium power in the international arena. Rich in resources. The industrial system is the most complete in all of Africa.

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Egypt: Second in Africa in terms of overall ranking

Territory: 1.002 million sq. km. Population: 92 million people. total GDP: US$ 286.4 billion; GDP per capita: US$ 3304 one of the four ancient civilizations! African power, internationally classified as a medium power. Total active duty military strength of 450,000 people. Africa's military power first. Has a relatively well-developed industrial system. Average university higher education enrollment rate of 32%, the standard of living is okay.


Nigeria: first in population, first in economic output, and third in ranking

Territorial area: 934,000 square kilometers. Population: 170.12 million people. total GDP: $573.6 billion; GDP per capita: $3,298


Total military strength is 85,000 people, including 67,500 in the army, 8,000 in the navy and 9,500 in the air force. There are 1.7 million police officers


50% of the country's residents practice Islam, 40% practice Christianity, and 10% practice other religions. Second oil country in Africa, tenth in the world. First in Africa and eighth in the world in natural gas.


The film industry is very developed, after the United States and India. Ranked third in the world. Infrastructure is relatively backward.

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Algeria: Great land, good development, ranked fourth

Territorial area: 2,382,000 square kilometers. Population: 37.1 million people. total GDP: US$214 billion; GDP per capita: US$5,532.


The People's Army has 130,500 regular troops. Of which 110,000 are in the Army, 7,500 in the Navy, 10,000 in the Air Force, and 3,000 in the Territorial Defense Air Force. The paramilitary armed forces (including the Gendarmerie, National Security Forces, Republican Guard, Communal Guard, and legal defense organizations) number 181,200.


A population poverty rate is less than 6%. The standard of living is okay! Education is compulsory for 9 years for children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 16. The illiteracy rate is 28%. The average life expectancy is 68 years. Resource-based country.


Angola: 5th in terms of development potential

Territory: 1.247 million square kilometers. Population: 20.7 million. total GDP: $128.5 billion; GDP per capita: $5,273. 84,000 troops in the army, 11,000 in the air force and 5,000 in the navy.


Highly promising developing country that ended its civil war in 2002 and now has an economy that has grown to a GDP per capita: $5,273. Total volume: $128.5 billion. The country is rich in land and natural resources, and is known as Brazil in Africa. Agriculture is known as the "breadbasket of Southern Africa".


Free medical care is available throughout the country. One of the lowest rates of AIDS transmission in Africa. Life expectancy is 51.1 years. 8 years of compulsory education.

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Morocco: 6th in terms of development potential

Territory: 458,000 square kilometers. Population: 32.8 million. total GDP: $109.2 billion; GDP per capita: $3,291. Total strength of the three armies: 198,500 people


The population below the poverty line in Mo is 2.8 million, following the economic development of China and Estonia. Illiteracy has been reduced to 45%.


Ethiopia: ranked seventh

Territorial area: 1.104 million sq. km. Population: 98.81 million. total GDP: $52.3 billion; GDP per capita: $530, 150,000 regular army, 30,000 reserves.


One of the least developed countries. Economy is mainly agricultural, with a weak industrial base Illiteracy rate: 50% male, 77% female


Sudan: large population, rich in natural resources, ranked eighth

Territorial area: 1.886 million sq. km. Population: 34.2 million people. total GDP: $73.8 billion; GDP per capita: $1980, total military strength of 20,000.


One of the least developed countries. Single economic structure, with a very important position of agriculture and livestock (80% of the population in agriculture)! Weak industrial base, 41% of the country's population is illiterate, free education in elementary school. more than 70% of the people believe in Islam, 5% believe in Christianity, 52% of blacks.


Kenya: good economic and industrial development, ranked ninth

Territorial area: 583,000 square kilometers. Population: 41 million people. total GDP: $60.7 billion; GDP per capita: $1416. military: 24,100 people in active service.


One of the better economies in Southern Africa. The most industrialized country in East Africa!


Tanzania: ranked 10th

Territorial area: 945,000 square kilometers. Population: 43 million people. total GDP: 47.9 billion USD; GDP per capita: 1006 USD, China's big military disciple in Africa! Military power: total strength of over 27,000 troops. Provides military training for the AU, which shows that its military literacy level is at the top level in Africa!


Analysis of China-Africa Trade Research Center: For development goals, poverty and backwardness itself contains a potential force, the current African region is still the world's poorest and most backward region, the gap between Africa and other continents is difficult to change in a short time, therefore, Africa's status as a market with potential force will not change in a short time, but in the future, Africa will definitely be the world's economic growth We are also very optimistic about the African market and look forward to cooperating with more countries in Africa.