AMANDA has 24 years of water treatment industry experience and 11 years of export experience.,it is a production and distribution company of water treatment products, production:UV sterilizer/Ozone generator/Industry and Household purification system;distribution:FRP tank/RUNXIN valve/ Water distributor/RO membrane/Industry RO membrane housing/Filter cartridge /Filter housing .
Water softener and water purifier
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Water softener and water purifier

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Our 100-group war is finished, in order to thank the employees for their efforts. Our company decided to give each employee a water purifier and a water softener.

What is a water purifier?

A water purifier can effectively filter out various impurities in water as well as harmful substances, thus ensuring people's drinking water safety.

Water purifier, also called water purifier, water filter, is a water treatment equipment for deep filtration and purification of water quality according to the requirements of water use. The function of the water purifier is to filter the floating matter, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, residual chlorine, sediment, rust, microorganisms, etc. in the water. The water purifier for home use is a five-stage water purifier or a six-stage water purifier.

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What is a water softener?

A water softener mainly removes calcium and magnesium ions from water through ion exchange resin to reduce water hardness.

With soft water, water cups, teapots and bathtubs no longer breed limescale and water heaters last longer. Who uses soft water can make the use of detergent and soap and other detergent supplies reduced, can make the plumbing maintenance costs greatly reduced.

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