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Battle of the Hundred Regiments
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Battle of the Hundred Regiments

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The 45-day "Battle of the Hundred Regiments" has come to an end and we look back on those 45 days and nights with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement. The days after the war also need our 100th regiment spirit, which has always inspired us.

Foreign trade industry

In these 45 short days, all of us in the company have given a lot and put in our best, and what we have gained is a fruitful result. We have also accumulated a lot of valuable assets, both in terms of practical experience and cultural sublimation.

our company sales

During these 45 days, we were amazed by the sharing of different dimensions and spaces by the great minds in the industry. We have benefited from all of them in these 45 days. This time, we achieved 141% of our company's target and produced two "Million Sales Heroes"! A "hero behind the scenes"! Congratulations to the Hundredth Regiment! Congratulations to the heroes!

Battle of the Hundred Regiments

In the remaining two months of the year, we will continue to work hard to achieve better results, in line with the momentum of the Hundredth Battle. With glory in our hearts, we will move forward. Work hard! Work hard!!!

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