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Gift of Giving - Donating clothes to Kenya
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Gift of Giving - Donating clothes to Kenya

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In August 2022, Amanda Group launched the "Love Clothes Donation" campaign to donate clothes to Kenya, so that more families in need can feel the warmth of society.

Donating clothes to Kenya

The main purpose of this donation is to call on employees to donate their own clothes to the needy families in Kenya, to send them a love and care, and to pass the love to more people.

Donating clothes to Kenya

Our company visited customers in Africa in 2018 and has cooperated with many customers in Kenya. After understanding, we found that there are many families in Kenya who are facing financial difficulties and are also touched by the hospitality of Kenyan people. We hope that our small contribution can help the needy families. The donated clothes will be packed and sent to Kenya. The activity is real and valid.

Donating clothes to Kenya

Giving roses to others, hands have fragrance, giving love, harvesting hope. This event is a good practice for the company to actively fulfill its social responsibility, and also contribute to the national poverty alleviation work.


Here, we call on people from all walks of life to give their love, if you want to participate, you can contact us!

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