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How to choose best PP filter?
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How to choose best PP filter?

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PP cotton cartridge, also known as melt blown PP cartridge, is a tubular cartridge made of non-toxic and odourless polypropylene particles, which are heated and melted, sprayed with silk, traction and accepted for forming; if the raw material is mainly polypropylene, it can be called PP meltblown cartridge.

pp filters function

Most household water purifiers or water purifiers use PP cotton cartridges for the first level of cartridges. Not only will the primary cartridge directly affect water quality, it will also affect the subsequent three or four levels of filtration and the life of the cartridge, so the quality of the PP cotton cartridge is particularly important for water purifiers.

As a consumer, how do you identify the advantages and disadvantages of PP cotton filters?


  1. Density

PP cotton cartridge is generally looser in the outer layer and tighter in the inner layer, constituting a gradient gradually decreasing multi-layer gradient structure. We can also look at the side of this PP cotton and see that the outer layer is clearer and then the inner layer is more compact, with the layers bonded together

  1. Material

When choosing a cartridge, we must look at the material of the cartridge, the regular cartridge filter paper has a uniform colour and a flat paper surface. The filter paper of poor quality cartridges is not uniform in colour and has a poor texture.

  1. Surface

The surface of good PP cotton is soft to the touch. Careful users may find that the surface of PP cotton is not the same, some are relatively smooth, some have many small grooves, there is a kind of PP cotton with a pattern. So, are there good and bad pp sponges with different surfaces? Generally speaking, PP cotton with grooves and lines increases the specific surface area and increases the amount of dirt. The grooved surface makes it easier for impurities to come off without sticking to the PP cotton, which also increases the service life of the PP cotton to some extent.

  1. Weight

We can weigh it with our hands. The heavier the weight, the greater the fibre density of the cartridge. The quality is generally better.

  1. Gum quality

Genuine cartridges have good rubber quality and good elasticity, while poor quality cartridges have soft rubber and very poor texture.

These 5 points may not be available to us when we buy a new water purifier, but they can come in handy when we buy a separate PP cotton cartridge for replacement.