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What affects cartridge life?
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What affects cartridge life?

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Some users still have a lot of questions after using the water purifier. Is the cartridge reminder system broken because it comes on before the specified time? Or is the cartridge reminder system not working after a long time?


We have compiled a list of the top 4 factors that can affect the life of a cartridge.

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1. Household size

The cartridge replacement intervals for different householdscannot be generalised, as the number of people in each household will affect the life of the cartridge.

For example, a larger family will naturally use more water, and the filtration capacity of the cartridge will also become larger accordingly.

The same cartridge will have a different replacement cycle for a family of three than for a family of five. If you are in a large and happy family, you should pay more attention to cartridge replacement reminders.

2. Frequency of use

The consumption of cartridges also has a lot to do with how often they are used. For example, when summer arrives, the volume of water consumed and the amount of water used will increase, so the frequency of use of the water purifier will naturally increase compared to winter.

Some people are used to drinking eight glasses of water a day, while others drink less than one glass of water a day.

The difference in intensity of use will naturally result in different replacement intervals.

What affects cartridge life

3. Water quality

Many people face a wide range of water purification products to start with, in fact, should be combined with the local water quality to choose. If the water quality in your area is seriously polluted, the use cycle of the cartridge will be relatively short, and conversely if the water quality in your area is very good, then the replacement cycle of the cartridge can be extended accordingly.

4. Quality of the cartridge

The most crucial factor determining the life of the cartridge is the quality of the product. A high-quality cartridge naturally has a longer life than a low-quality product, and the replacement cycle is usually much longer.