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ULP22-8040 RO Membrane
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ULP22-8040 RO Membrane

The ULP22-8040 reverse osmosis membrane is an advanced membrane element designed and manufactured by Amanda Corporation. It operates at ultra-low pressure while achieving comparable permeate flow rates and rejection rates to traditional low-pressure membrane elements, making it highly suitable for desalination of surface water and groundwater.
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 ULP22-8040 RO Membrane

ULP22-8040 RO Membrane


The ULP22-8040 reverse osmosis membrane offers exceptional performance and efficiency. With a working pressure approximately two-thirds that of regular low-pressure membrane elements, the ULP series membrane elements effectively reduce operational costs for reverse osmosis systems, including investments in pumps, pipelines, and containers, thereby enhancing cost-effectiveness.

  Specifications and Major Properties



Active Membrane Area ft2(m2):400 ( 37.2 )

Permeate flow GPD (m3/d):12100 ( 45.8 )

Stable Rejecion Rate (%): 99.0

Feed Spacer Thickness (mil): 28

  Applications of ULP22-8040 RO Membrane

The ULP series membrane elements are designed for desalination of water sources with a salt concentration below 2000 ppm, such as surface water, groundwater, tap water, and municipal water supplies. They find extensive applications in industries including pure water production, boiler feedwater replenishment, food processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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