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ULP32-8040 RO Membrane
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ULP32-8040 RO Membrane

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 ULP32-8040 RO Membrane

ULP32-8040 RO Membrane


The ULP series of ultra-low-pressure aromatic polyamide composite membranes, developed by Vontron Technology Co., Ltd., are designed to operate at extremely low pressures while achieving high permeate flow rates and salt rejection levels comparable to traditional low-pressure membranes. These membranes are ideal for desalinating surface water and groundwater sources. 

Operating at around 2/3 the working pressure of standard low-pressure composite membranes, they can achieve salt rejection rates of up to 99.5%, resulting in reduced investment costs for equipment such as pumps, pipelines, and containers, as well as lower operating costs for reverse osmosis systems, thereby increasing cost-effectiveness.

  Specifications and Major Properties



Active Membrane Area ft2(m2):400 ( 37.2 )

Permeate flow GPD (m3/d):10500 ( 39.7 )

Stable Rejecion Rate (%): 99.5

Feed Spacer Thickness (mil): 28

  Applications of ULP32-8040 RO Membrane

The ULP series membrane elements are suitable for desalinating water sources with salt concentrations below 2000 ppm, including surface water, groundwater, tap water, and public water supplies. They find applications in various projects of different scales, such as water purification, boiler water replenishment, food processing, pharmaceutical production, and more.

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