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Installation Case of Ultra-pure Water System
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Installation Case of Ultra-pure Water System

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Ultra-pure Water System

 Installation Conditions for the Ultra-pure Water System

Feed Water: Well water.

Operating Mode: Automatic control.

Design Layout: From feed water tank to 2nd stage reverse osmosis system to pure water tank to EDI ultra-pure water system.

Power Supply: 380V.

Installation in a plant with an area of 15 square meters and an operating room equipped with underground drainage system.

 Customer Requirements

Application: Production of new materials.

Water Production Capacity: ≥2m3/h.

Water Quality: Outlet resistivity ≥15 megaohms. The equipment should incorporate Dow reverse osmosis membranes and fully automatic control valves.

Process Utilized by the Equipment

Feed water tank + quartz sand + activated carbon + anti-scalant filter + primary high-pressure pump + primary reverse osmosis automatic control device + secondary high-pressure pump + secondary reverse osmosis system + pure water tank + EDI ultra-pure water equipment + ultra-pure water tank + pipeline pressure pump + mixing tank.

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