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Water Softener Brine Tank
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Water Softener Brine Tank

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Brine Tank


As a carrier of salt, the salt tank is used with the softening resin tank to exchange with the resin.

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Made of high-quality food-grade PE raw materials, light and tough, shock-resistant and impact-resistant


The cylinder is formed at one time, no welds, not easy to break, not easy to age, not leak, heat-resistant and frost-resistant, can be used at 60--40 ℃, non-toxic, tasteless, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant, with good hygiene and anti-ultraviolet ability. Not easy to age, no algae, easy to clean.

Model and color

Conical 60-2000L White

Cylindrical 25-2000L White

Square 25L, 70L, 100L blue grey black

Square 70/100L is the most common model