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Mineralization Ball
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Mineralization Ball

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What is Hydrogen water ceramic ball?

Hydrogen water ceramic ball is sintered from natural mineral clay, negative ion ceramic materials, tourmaline, Maifan stone, and other 18 kinds of natural mineral materials& ultrta fine mineral powder, by highly purifying, agglomeration, mechanical mixing and Lowtemperature baking technology.

It avoids oxidized invalid and dissolved solids by taking Nano-coating and micro poles communication technology. Many data show it provides H+ micro bubble water and make ORP OF 0MV~-500mv by breaking down water instantaneously into micro molecules.

Hydrogen water ceramic ball could also make alkaline water with PH of 8.5 or so. Parameter of dissolved H+ is about 600~ 1500ppb.

It has integrated functions of making Kangen water, ORP water, alkaline water and micro molecule water.

It provides the more healthy alkaline water with hydrogen dissolved. It offers absolute mechanical filtration to 0.2 micron with the rejection rate of 99.9% to bacteria and cysts.

Diameter 3mm-10mm H+ 600~1500ppb
Appearance grey spheical balls ORP(mv)


Matenial KDF ceramic ball Application

Potable water fltr Household water purification for Bath & Cosmetic; washing vegetable

PH 8





1) Hydrogen ceramic ball generate alkaline water (PH 8.0 or above) which has antimicrobial and resisting bacteria effect.

2) It provides natural hydrogen water through electrolysis and makes micro bubbles.

3) It creates negative redox potential which activates water into smaller molecules.

4) The sufficient minerals and negative ions provide oxygen.

5) Hydrogen ceramic ball could remove metallic pollution and other impurities in the water

6) It removes hydrogen sulfide in water treatment.

7) With large amount of negative ions distributing into water, hydrogen ceramic ball could remove chlorine effectively.

Benefits of Hydrogen Ceramic Ball:

1. Antioxidant And Anti- inflammatory Properties

Studies show that drinking waters processed by hydrogen ceramic ball for a few weeks at a time can reduce reactive oxygen metabolites (ROMs) in the bloodstream. The result is a reduction in oxidative stress and inflammation, which effectively reduces cell damage and leads to an improved quality of life. Hydrogen ceramic ball water, through its power to combat oxidative stress, is a promising remedy for these and other diseases.

2. May Treat And Prevent Metabolic SyndromeEarly studies show that hydrogen rich water health benefits include staying off metabolic syndrome and reversing negative metabolic symptoms because of its ability to reverse the effects of oxidative stress on the body.

3. Slows The Development Of Neurodegenerative Diseases ecause it consumes a high level of oxygen, the brain is prone to oxidative stress. Hydrogen-ich water elicits effects in the brain that ounter the abilit of oxidative stress to klldopamine cells and damage proteins.

4.May Treat and Prevent InsulinResistance and Type 2 Diabetes

Recent studies demonstrate that hydrogen rich water health benefits include having a normalizing effect on glucose in the body, In ombination with powerful antioxidant properties, hydrogen-rich water improves insulin circulation and sensitity.

5. Improves Dental Health

Consuming hydrogen water has been proven to treat conditions associated with dental deterioration, such as periodontal disease,because of its ability to fight oxidative stress, in addition to its effective anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Combats Muscle Fatigue

One compelling study of male soccer players found that, by consuming hydrogen water before exercise, these athletes could reduce blood lactate levels and improve muscle function during exercise.


Add 20.69g hydrogen ceramic beads into 500ml water



PH ORP(mv) TDS(mg/1)
3 min 0


20 5
10mins 690 7.7 -204 15
30min 730 7.4 -286 33
60 mins 827 7.5 -320 63
1080mins 844 10.2 -349 279
Refer to pure water ORP of 93mv

Add 20.80g hydrogen ceramic balls into 7 50ml water



PH ORP(mv) TDS(mg/1)
3 min 0 7.4 84 7
10mins 391 7.3 -68 20
30min 676 7.4 -242 38
60 mins 772 8 -331 58
1080mins 835 10.2 -344 244
Refer to pure water ORP of 93mv

Add 25. 10g bio hydrogen ceramic balls into 500ml water



PH ORP(mv) TDS(mg/1)
3 min 0 9.56 46 18
10mins 300 9.82 37 46
30min 520 9.99 -36 75
60 mins 780 10.12 -82 99
1020mins 1140
-350 339
Refer to pure water ORP of 145mv

Add 25.05g hydrogen ceramic sphere into 750ml water



PH ORP(mv) TDS(mg/1)
3 min 180 9.71 40 23
10mins 280 9.92 -20 34
30min 560 9.99 -35 48
60 mins 680 10.09 -328 295
1020mins 970
-328 295
Refer to pure water ORP of 145mv



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