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Manganese Sand for Water Treatment
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Manganese Sand for Water Treatment

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Manganese Sand for Water Treatment


Manganese sand filter material has the most ideal gradation ratio of water treatment filter material, which makes it have the largest specific surface area, the strongest dirt interception ability, the largest oxidation catalysis effect and the smallest backwash loss rate per unit volume. Manganese sand filter material has a rough appearance and is brown or light gray. It is often used in iron and manganese removal filter devices for drinking water, and the water filtering effect is very good.

(Note: MnO2≥35% can remove both iron and manganese, MnO2≤30% can only be used for iron removal in groundwater) Manganese sand filter material is mainly used to reduce the total content of iron, manganese, ferromanganese and manganese in water.


Manganese and iron removal filtration device, drinking water filtration, well water filtration, groundwater filtration, swimming pool water filtration, industrial sewage treatment.