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Far Infrared Mineralized Ball
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Far Infrared Mineralized Ball

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far-infrared mineralized ball


The far-infrared mineralized ball is a special type of active ball for water treatment, made of far-infrared ceramic material. It is a newly developed antibacterial, activation, adsorption, and filter ball specifically designed for drinking fountain factories, tap water factories, and water treatment plants. This ball can improve the activity and oxygen content of water, while also emitting far-infrared energy to achieve photothermal conversion. When combined with antibacterial materials, it can have antibacterial, bactericidal, and healthcare functions. Additionally, due to its far-infrared emission capability, this product can also be used as a material for far-infrared emission source products in healthcare products.

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Product Name: Far-Infrared Mineralized Ball

Infrared Emissivity: 8-14μm ε>0.90

Specifications: Φ3-20mm

Adjust pH value: 7-8

Standard: Ball diameter error 0.1-2mm

Water absorption: 10%-30%

Color: Red

Material: Ceramic composite material

Weight/Packing: 25Kg/bag; double-layer woven bag


Colors: Red and white

Main Application: Water treatment, healthcare industry