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Microporous Antibacterial Balls
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Microporous Antibacterial Balls

Microporous antibacterial balls are a new type of multifunctional adsorption material that is made by combining environmental mineral adsorbents, photocatalytic degradation materials, and rare earth activated antibacterial materials through high-temperature sintering.
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Microporous antibacterial balls


Environmental mineral adsorbents are processed using modified zeolite, diatomaceous earth, and pumice, which are natural environmental mineral materials. By utilizing their different pore sizes and specific surface areas, the adsorption effects of the three materials are fully integrated, allowing for selective adsorption of various pollutants in the air.

Photocatalytic titanium dioxide materials primarily consist of nano-sized titanium dioxide, with the addition of far-infrared ceramic powder and tourmaline ultrafine powder. This combination significantly increases the bandgap width of titanium dioxide, enabling it to absorb a broader range of light energy and improve its photodegradation performance.

Rare earth activated antibacterial materials involve adding rare earth cerium and silver ions to nano-sized zinc oxide powder, which significantly activates the antibacterial properties of silver-zinc ions. Cerium oxide and silver oxide are themselves excellent inorganic antibacterial materials, particularly exhibiting stronger sterilization properties after high-temperature sintering.

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Super adsorption function

Using three highly modified environmental mineral materials, it has 100 times the adsorption capacity of activated carbon.


Super photodegradation function

Utilizing three healthy environmental materials, it can easily degrade adsorbed organic pollutants under natural light and release negative oxygen ions.


Super antibacterial function

Made through a high-temperature sintering process, it is not afraid of moisture, effectively killing bacteria and inhibiting their growth and reproduction.


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A: We are factory and trading company.RO equipment system /industry water softener/home water softener manufacturer

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A: Generally it is 3-10 days if the goods are in stock.  it is according to quantity.

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A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

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A: We have 18years experience in water treatment equipment/water treatment solution