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Reverse osmosis membrane element storage and protection
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Reverse osmosis membrane element storage and protection

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Storage of New Membrane Elements

Membrane elements are stored outside of the RO pressure vessel and shipped in the same packaging that the membrane manufacturer ships them in (vacuum sealed in oxygen barrier bags and stored in cardboard boxes), then removed from the packaging and installed directly into the pressure vessel before the reverse osmosis system is started up.

Proper storage conditions will help reduce microbial growth during storage.

Reverse osmosis membrane element storage and protection

Storage requirements for new membrane elements are as follows.

1. Membrane elements need to be stored in a cool, dry room out of direct sunlight.

2. Please keep the room temperature 5-35℃ to avoid the occurrence of freezing.

3. New membrane elements are packaged in oxygen-isolated bags made of special plastic for protection by vacuum, and then packed into cartons. Before use, please open the carton. 

4. Do not stack the membrane elements more than 7 layers and keep the outer carton package dry.

5. When opening the plastic packaging, keep one end of the plastic bag intact for reuse

6. When opening the carton package, keep the carton material intact so that the membrane components can be re-transported and stored

Membrane Elements

Storage/Protection of Used Membrane Elements

1. If the membrane element is removed from the pressure vessel for transportation and storage, the membrane element must be protected with 500-1000ppm of SBS solution.

2. Use food grade chemicals to prepare the SBS protection solution. 3.

3. Use softened water or water without residual chlorine, preferably reverse osmosis or nanofiltration produced water for protection solution configuration.

After soaking the membrane element in the preservation solution for approximately 1 hour, remove the membrane element from the solution and package it in an oxygen barrier bag, seal the bag and label it with the packaging date.

4. After the membrane elements are packaged and protected, the preservation conditions are the same as those for new membrane elements.

Used Membrane Elements

PS Protective Solution PH

When SBS is oxidized, sulfuric acid is easily produced, and sulfuric acid will lower the pH of the protective fluid. Make sure the pH of the protective fluid is not lower than 3. The pH of the protective fluid needs to be checked every 3 months, and if the pH is lower than 3, fresh SBS protective fluid needs to be reconfigured.

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