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The RO Plant for Food Factory
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The RO Plant for Food Factory

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Food factories use reverse osmosis water purification equipment to produce water, water quality standards, in order to produce healthy and safe food, but also to improve the competitiveness of the company, the production of good product quality, so that it can occupy a position in the same industry.

The RO plant for food factory

The project is installed in Ecuador, South America, where the original water is deep well groundwater with excessive iron content and hardness. It is very dangerous to be used for food production water.

Our company is equipped with 18 Industrial RO membrane housing and RO membrane for this plant, which can remove the suspended matter, impurities, iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium plasma from the water to achieve drinking water quality!

Industrial ro plant

The reverse osmosis plant for food factory has the characteristics of simple operation, stable operation, large water production and simple maintenance, which has been promoted in the food and beverage industry. The equipment is equipped with automatic or manual backwashing function to protect the reverse osmosis membrane and increase the service life of the equipment.

Amanda can customize different reverse osmosis water purification equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, ultra-pure water reverse osmosis equipment, reverse osmosis water purification equipment to meet water standards according to the different process water requirements of each industry and different raw water quality.