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3000 LPH RO Water Plant for Juice Production
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3000 LPH RO Water Plant for Juice Production

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 RO Water Plant 3000 LPH Installation Conditions

1. Raw Water: Tap water.

2. Operation Mode: Automatic control operation.

3. Design Boundary: From the outlet of the raw water tank to the purified water tank.

4. Power Supply: 380 volts.

5. Installation Location: 150m² equipment installation room in the classroom corridor, with underground drainage system.

 Customer Requirements

1. Water Usage: Production water.

2. Water Production Rate: ≥3m3/h.

3. Water Quality: Secondary reverse osmosis, outlet conductivity ≤5μs/cm.

4. High requirements for equipment accessories, including imported reverse osmosis membranes, imported pumps, imported control valves, and the water pipeline made of 304 stainless steel.

5. Complies with GB5749-2006 Drinking Water Sanitary Standard and J94-1999 Drinking Purified Water Standard.

 SS Industrial RO Plant Process

Raw water section + pretreatment + primary pump + primary reverse osmosis + secondary pump + secondary reverse osmosis + post UV sterilization + frequency conversion water delivery system + terminal water supply pipeline.

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