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Why The Water Softening Equipment FRP Tanks Collapsed?
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Why The Water Softening Equipment FRP Tanks Collapsed?

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In the process of softening water equipment operation, sometimes there will be FRP filter tank sucked flat, this problem our company in Shijiazhuang water treatment cases or cases in other cities and provinces have encountered many times, and encountered such problems after the user thought of the first reason is often the manufacturer equipment quality is not. However, this is often not the case.

Why the glass fiber reinforced plastic tank flattened

The main reason for this problem is the negative pressure caused by the system, "negative pressure" is lower than the atmospheric pressure (that is, often said an atmospheric pressure) of the gas pressure state, negative pressure can be seen directly from the pressure gauge, its instantaneous pressure value of "0" or "0" below, and softening water equipment inlet pressure of 0.2-0.5MPA (of which the ideal pressure is 0.3MPA), the equipment does not run long will appear tank suction flat. To solve this problem, a cut-off valve or negative pressure protection valve should be added to the water inlet of the tank.


The following points should be noted when choosing a FRP water tank.

1. Ensure that the resin water softening equipmentor multi-media filter input voltage and pressure is stable to avoid instantaneous negative pressure from the equipment and causing the FRP tank to blow up.

2. Winter shutdown should be done to prevent freezing measures, to prevent the FRP tank from expanding and breaking, to ensure that the indoor temperature value is 0-45 ℃.

3. The equipment must be installed in the shade of indoor sunlight to prevent the tank body from being subjected to long-term strong light exposure and causing cracks.

FRP Tank jacket

 FRP tanks are made of FRP, which is lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistant, and is widely used in the water treatment industry. In the water treatment industry is widely used in the occasional resin tank life short, abnormal operation of the phenomenon is often related to the user in the daily use of negligent maintenance and caused by damage to the FRP tank. Therefore, in order to safeguard the interests of water treatment users themselves, remind water treatment equipment users in the process of use, regular inspection of equipment operation, to avoid unnecessary losses and waste. Problems arise promptly with professional water treatment equipment companies.

To prevent the above problems, we have launched a new product, FRP tank jackets, which can reduce the impact of temperature and sunlight on the tank and extend the service life of FRP tanks. If you need it, you can leave a message on the website or send us an email: