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50 Barrels/hour Water RO System
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50 Barrels/hour Water RO System

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Water RO System

 Water RO System Installation Conditions

  1. Tap water source

  2. 380V voltage

  3. Installation operation room of 50 square meters with underground drainage.

 Customer Requirements

  1. Conductivity ≤15μS/cm

  2. The main unit is a first-stage reverse osmosis device.

  3. Complies with GB5749-2006 Drinking Water Hygiene Standard, J94-1999 Drinking Purified Water Standard, GB 17324-2003 Bottled (Barrel) Drinking Purified Water Hygiene Standard.

  4. The equipment should have a production capacity of 1 ton/hour.

 Process adopted by the equipment

All-in-one machine: Raw water tank + Quartz sand + Activated carbon + Resin + First-stage high-pressure pump + First-stage reverse osmosis + Pure water tank + Automatic variable frequency water delivery system + Terminal water supply system.

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