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How to Clean Your Swimming Pool (And the Best Pool Cleaning Equipment)
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How to Clean Your Swimming Pool (And the Best Pool Cleaning Equipment)

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    We all know that one of the most important challenges of having a home pool is how to keep it clean. This is a job that must be done if we want to enjoy it in the hot weather. At any time, at least in the pool, you can see under the water. No one wants to see their sparkling oasis turn into a swamp. Fortunately, you have a few options when it comes to keeping your pool clean. Pool filters remove dirt and debris, and UV sterilizers remove bacteria and viruses. Below you will find information on the various types of pool filters and pool UVC germicidal units.

How to Clean Your Swimming Pool

What is pool cartridge filter?

A pool cartridge filters is an integral part of a pool filtration system that removes dirt and debris from the water. A pump pumps the water to the filter, which removes dirt and debris, and then the clean water is returned to the pool through a return nozzle on the pool wall.

pool cartridge filter?

How to choose a pool cartridge filter?

The best pool filter is the one that best fits your pool's needs and personal preferences. When choosing a filter, consider filtration capacity, initial cost, ease of operation, and maintenance procedures and costs. Choose the largest size that fits your pool. Larger filters require less maintenance and can clean up harsh water conditions faster than smaller filters. Our PLF Plus series pool filters also offer a role in killing bacteria and creating a healthy pool environment.

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The pool water looks very clean after using the pool filter, but the pool filter cannot completely remove the invisible bacteria and even viruses in the water. At this point, the pool UV sterilizer is very necessary.

What is an ultraviolet (UV) pool sterilizer?

Ultraviolet (UV) pool sterilizers use UV light to disinfect potentially contaminated water, air and surfaces. UV light can alter or destroy the DNA or RNA of target organisms such as algae, bacteria, viruses, cysts and protozoa so that they cannot reproduce and then kill them. This approach will not harm you or any swimmer. In fact, once the water has passed through the UVC system, it is ready to drink because germicidal UVC can reach 99.99%.

pool uv sterilizer

How do UV sterilizers work?

UV sterilizers allow water to pass first through the pool's filtration system and then through the UVC. The UVC disinfection lamp is installed in an industrial housing optimized for high flow rates. A highly specialized quartz glass casing protects the lamp from water penetration while transmitting 99.9% of the UVC light. Blasting the flowing water with high-intensity germicidal UVC eliminates more than 60 waterborne pathogens, including algae, bacteria, cysts and viruses.

The UVC does not leave the housing, which makes it a safe way to clean your pool. In other words, you're not exposed to light. Almost the entire process takes place within the system itself, and as an added benefit, it requires little maintenance.

How do UV sterilizers work

Is the UV sterilizer safe?

UVC disinfectants are very safe.This is because UVC never enters the pool.  UVC is a physical process rather than a chemical process, making UVC the most environmentally friendly choice in pool sanitation. There are no residual effects that are harmful to humans, animals, aquatic life, plant life or the environment. UV also minimizes the need to generate, handle, transport or store hazardous chemicals.

Did you notice the enviable water quality at the Olympics? Underwater cameras were able to clearly capture the entire pool. The secret? Ultraviolet disinfection. But UVC systems for residential pools are smaller in size and scale.

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