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How to use the ozone generator
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How to use the ozone generator

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Ozone is a colourless and slightly odorous gas, which becomes a strong oxidant when dissolved in water and has a strong killing effect on living cells. 

Ozone generator sterilisation is a category of lysis, sterilisation is thorough and rapid, efficient and broad spectrum, almost all germs, moulds, fungi and protozoa, oocysts have obvious inactivation effect, and can destroy botulinum toxin. In the disinfection and sterilization at the same time, the ozone generator can reduce the ozone to oxygen by itself, no harm residue, no secondary pollution, is an environmentally friendly germicidal agent; at the same time, can also avoid the disadvantages of low energy efficiency of ultraviolet disinfection, chemical fumigation pollution.

Ozone generator sterilization effect is obvious, but in the use of many matters needing attention: 

- 1. Close all external doors and windows of the area to be disinfected.

- 2. When using the ozone steriliser, workers are strictly prohibited from working and operating in an environment with high ozone concentration.

- 3. Ensure that people and pets are out of the house

- 4. If there is any abnormality, disconnect the power immediately or notify a professional for service.

- 5. The ozone output level is normally set to "medium" to "high", depending on the odour level and treatment time.

- 6. Wait 15 to 45 minutes after the sterilisation time before entering the room. 7.

- If you detect an ozone odour when you enter a room, ensure that the timer dial is "off" and then ventilate the area or vacate the room.