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Our New Design Filter Cartridge Shell
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Our New Design Filter Cartridge Shell

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Filter Cartridge Shell

Product Description

This product is our new product, filter cartridge shell. We have custom made moulds to produce this product, we design and produce it ourselves to better control the cost, welcome customers to order.

How to use our new design Filter Cartridge Shell?

Product Advantages

10”20” can be assembled at will, and this middle compartment allows us to install two kinds of filter media.

And the bigger advantage is the upper and lower ends can be unscrewed, which is more convenient to replace the filter material and easy to install and replace, not only saves costs but also saving time and effort .

And Multiple colors to choose from, high degree of customization, create colors that are exclusive to your own brand.

1- is the split has a compartment to install different filter materials,

2- The top and end cover will open, the filter material can be changed at will, and it can be reused,save cost

3-Easy to install, save time and effort

4-Color accept customization service

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