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UV Light Sanitizer for Swimming Pool
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UV Light Sanitizer for Swimming Pool

We use UVC sterilisation technology in our customers' existing sterilisation systems to eliminate all types of infectious bacteria that are antigenic to chlorination, such as Cryptosporidium.
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 UV Light Sanitizer for Swimming Pool


  Product description

Your UV treatment system will provide a clear and comfortable environment for your swimming pool and water playground, significantly reducing the use of chlorine, pungent odours, flushing and maintenance.

The medium pressure UV disinfector produces full wavelength UV light, which not only has a good disinfection effect, but also degrades chlorine (chloramines) and trihalomethanes in swimming pool water, which can effectively improve swimming pool water quality; and has the advantages of low energy consumption, low cost, no secondary pollution, no harm to the environment, etc. It is one of the ideal processes to replace traditional chlorine disinfection.

  Sterilization Principe

UV ray is an invisible light, locating at outer side of violet rays in the spectrogram, Therefore it is clled as ultraviolet light, with wave length between 100nm and 400nm, UV ray can be divided intoA, B, C and vacuum ultra violets as per the wave length, Ultraviolet C is shortened to UV-C with wave length between 200nm and 280nm, UV-C with wave length of 253.7nm has the best sterilization effect, which is origin of modern UV-C.

Amanda Ultra Violet Water Sterilizer Sterilization Principle

  Operating Conditions

Environmental conditions:

1. Temperature: 5"C -40C

2.  Relative humidity: s90% (at ambient temperature 25*C

3. Power supply: 10V/220V/240W/380V , 50Hz/60Hz

4. Max. operating pressure: s 1.0MPa

Water supply requirements:

Parameter Standard
Fe ≤0.3 (mg/)
Hydrogen sulfide ≤0.05 (mg/)
Suspended solid ≤10 (mg/)
Mn ≤0.05 (mg/)
Hardness ≤120 (mg/)
Chroma ≤15 (degree)
Turbidity ≤5 (NTU)
Water temperature 5°C ~60C


Model Flow Rate  Power
AMD-M50LT 50 220 1.3
AMD-M100LT 100 440 2.0
AMD-M150LT 150 660 3.0
AMD-M200LT 200 880 4.0
AMD-M300LT 300 1320 6.0
AMD-M400LT 400 1760 8.0
AMD-M450LT 450 1980 9.0
AMD-M500LT 500 2200 10
AMD-M600LT 600 2640 12
AMD-M650LT 650 2860 13
AMD-M700LT 700 3080 14
AMD-M750LT 750 3300 15
AMD-M800LT 800 3500 16
AMD-M900LT 900 3960 18
AMD-M1000LT 1000 4400 20

The above pictures and parameters are only for reference. We conserve all rights of parameter modification without prior notiiccation.

  Product Advantages

Characteristics of Medium Pressure UV Disinfection

Compared to traditional chlorine disinfection, UVC has many advantages that cannot be matched:

1) Strong germicidal properties. High sterilisation efficiency and fast sterilisation rate, killing common bacteria and viruses

The disinfection of common bacteria and viruses is usually completed within a few seconds. In the DNA structure of microorganisms to produce damage at the same time, but also the microorganisms will be broken down into small fragments, it is because of this medium-pressure UVC germicidal properties, in order to effectively avoid the microorganisms in the DNA of the light reanimation and dark repair of the occurrence, so can produce permanent inactivation of microorganisms, no reanimation reaction, no flora rebound phenomenon.

(2) The broad spectrum of germicidal properties is high. It is highly efficient in killing all bacteria and viruses and can permanently inactivate chlorine-resistant microbial tissues such as Legionella pneumophila, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas, Cryptosporidium, Amoeba and bacteria, etc.

3) No toxic and harmful by-products are produced in the disinfection process, no change in the composition and nature of the disinfected water, no secondary pollution to the water and surrounding environment, reduced chlorine input, reduced residual chlorine, reduced chlorine content in the pool water, reduced disinfection by-products, making the pool environment healthier.

(4) Medium-pressure UV light has the ability to degrade chlorine compounds, including monochloramine, dichloramine and trichloramine, which effectively eliminates the production of carcinogenic substances such as trihalomethanes (THMs) and the impact of chlorine compounds on the human body. While reducing the pungent smell in the pool, it effectively improves the environment for swimmers to play and exercise, and greatly enhances the working environment for pool staff.

5) Medium pressure UV disinfection technology covers a small area, is safe, reliable, simple to maintain and low cost. As can be seen, medium-pressure UV disinfection has the advantages of high efficiency sterilization, broad-spectrum sterilization, no pollution, safe and reliable operation, and does not form toxic by-products, and therefore the current engineering applications are increasingly.

  Product Application

Municipal water, Swimming pool, Seedling breeding, Pharmaceutical industry, Fruit juice beverage industry, etc.

  UV Light Purification Advantages

1. High efficient UV Light Purification: 

Normally kill 99-99.99% bacteria within 1 to 2 seconds.

2. Broad spectrum: 

UV Light Purification has broadest spectrum, can kill almost all bacteria and virus.

3. No secondary pollution: 

Do not add any chemical, so can not create secondary pollution to water and ambient environment, and do not change any ingredient in water.

4. Safe and reliable to operate:

Traditional disinfection technologies, such as chloride or ozone, which disinfection agent itself are highly toxic and flammable material while  48 gpm uv light sterilizer has no such potential safety hazard.

5. Low maintenance fee: 

UV lamps occupies a small area; structure requirement is simple, so total investment is smaller. Lower in operation, it costs only half than that chlorine disinfection in kiloton water treatment.

  UV Light Purification Advantage Than Others Way


UV Chlorination Ozone
Destruction Physical Chemical Chemical
Capital Cost Low Medium High
Operating Cost Low Medium High
Maintenance Cost Low Medium High
Maintenance Frequency Low Medium High
Disinfection Performance Excellent Very good Unpredictable

Contact time

1-5 Seconds 25-24 minutes 5-10 Minutes
Persanal Hazards Low Medium High
Toxic Chemicals No Yes Yes
Water Chemistry Change No Yes Yes
Residual Effect No Yes Yes

  Working Theory Of UV Light Purification

UV Light Purification is invisible, exists in the outside of UV spectrum,so it is called UV radiaction. According to a different wavelength range,they are cut into A, B, C three kinds of bands, including the C-band UV wavelength between 240-260nm, which is the most effective sterilizer band, band's strongest point it the wavelength of 253.7nm.

Working Theory OfUV Light Purification

  Swimming pool disinfection system

Swimming pool disinfection system

  Where Need UV Light Purification?

  • Pure Water: Drinking Water;Tap Water Factory; Food Process Water; Hospital and Pharmaceutical;

  • Beer Industry; Hotels; Lab Ultrapure Water;Cosmetics Industry.

  • Circulating Water: Water Entertainment Facilities&Swimming pool water; Landscape water; Industrial Circulating Cooling Water; Spa; Micro-electronics.

  • Wastewater: Municipal Sewage; Hospital Sewage; Oilfield Reinjection Water; Urban Sewage;Reclaimed Water; Slaughter-house Wastewater; Sewage from Ships.

  • Aquaculture: Hydroponic Shellfish; Fish Hatcheries; Farms; Aquarium.




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