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Commercial Series 360W UV Sterilizer
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Commercial Series 360W UV Sterilizer

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Commercial Series 360W UV Sterilizer Specification

Name 360W UV Sterilizer
Material SS304/316
Watts 360W (120WX3pcs)
Flow Rate 132GPM/30TPH
Lamp Philips lamp or lightsource lamp

Word famous brand

single-ended four-pin, more convenient for customers to install

Lamp life 9000-12000 hours
Tube Quartz tube The penetration rate is 96% higher, the material strength is high, and the transportation is not easy to damage.
Ballast Brand Charms stone High quality sound and light alarm ballast Certificate:CE/SAA/UL/ISO9001/RoHS
Voice Control Box Equipped with voice control box, LED light, timer, running indicator, sight glass
Inlet and outlet DN80(BSP or NPT)
Voltage 220V, 60HZ, the plug depends on the country
Package Size 141X53X50cm
Packaging Style Wooden Box

 Commercial Series 360W UV Sterilizer Application

. Purified water: drinking water, water plants, water for food production, hospitals and pharmaceutical industries, beer industry, hotels, Laboratory ultrapure water, cosmetic industry

. Circulating water: water entertainment facilities swimming pool water, landscape water, industrial circulating cold water, hot springs, microelectronics

. Wastewater: Municipal sewage, hospital sewage, oil field sewage, urban sewage, recycled water, slaughterhouse sewage, ship sewage

. Aquaculture: hydroponic shellfish, fish hatchery farms, aquariums, military bases, field operations, water disinfection for aircraft, ships, submarines

  Working Theory Of UV Light Purification

UV Light Purification is invisible, exists in the outside of UV spectrum,so it is called UV radiaction. According to a different wavelength range,they are cut into A, B, C three kinds of bands, including the C-band UV wavelength between 240-260nm, which is the most effective sterilizer band, band's strongest point it the wavelength of 253.7nm.

Working Theory OfUV Light Purification




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