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Pool Filters & Pool Filtration System
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Pool Filters & Pool Filtration System

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Pool Filtration equipment product introduction

Pool downstream circulating water treatment is all circulating water from the end wall or side wall of the pool in the middle or the upper part of the pool into the pool, from the bottom of the pool all out of the return water. This method can meet the requirements of the distribution of water uniformity, but the bottom of the pool is easy to deposit dirt, the design should also make the water flow and other travel to prevent short flow. The advantages of this way is simple pipeline, less investment and other features, recognized by many pool customers.

Pool filtration equipment mainly includes two parts: pool filter tank and automatic pool filter valve F139

The advantages of pool filter tank

pool filter tank

(1) Fiberglass sand tank filter uses high quality non-polling and polyester resin to make the inner liner, strong elasticity and anti-corrosion ability, glass fiber winding reinforced tank is stronger, combined with handmade and imported professional resin, fiber mixing gun spray production, strong and durable, not easy to break, higher production efficiency.

(2) After the overall fiber winding exterior spraying UV protection polyurethane protective layer, beautiful, durable, strong UV protection, in the sun and rain and other work and climate environment can be used for a long time.

Advantages of Runxin pool filter valve

automatic pool filter valve F139

(1) Structural advantages

The structure of pool filter valve on the market adopts the way of reset spring to switch the position, which cannot be operated with pressure; while our valve adopts the end seal piece with high flatness, high hardness, wear and corrosion resistance to open and close.

(2) Humanized operation

When the pressure in the sand tank reaches the set value of the pressure gauge, automatic backwashing is carried out.

The use scenario of each station of the pool filter valve 

  1. Filtration station use scenario: pool water circulation filtration.

  2. Backwashing station use scenario: discharge the accumulated dirt in the sand tank, used to clean the sand tank, backwashing 3 minutes to switch to positive washing.

  3.  Positive washing station use scenario: discharging the dirt accumulated in the water pipe, positive washing 2 minutes to switch to running.

  4. Emptying station use scenario: pool drainage emptying

Runxin Control Valves

Runxin Control Valves


FRP Tank